My name is Bryan Lewis and I'm a Product Designer in Atlanta, Georgia working with the amazing folks at MailChimp.


I started my career in design like most, pixel by pixel in MS paint. I put together web sites with Geocities and Angelfire about a million years ago and spent more time in high school doing graffiti than any thing else. I actually wound up dropping out because of it and took the long road through my education. I worked my way from community college in Miami to graduating from UF. It was an incredibly challenging yet rewarding part of my life. 

During my final semester at UF, I began an internship with 352. That internship turned into an offer, and that offer turned into the next 5 years living the agency life. There was a ton of diverse work alongside some really awesome people. 

I moved on from 352 to focus on product. I landed Yik Yak, headquartered in Atlanta, and immediately fell in love. The biggest different between agency and in-house for me was the opportunity to truly iterate on the things I helped build. During my time at Yik Yak I was promoted to Lead Product Designer overseeing the visual direction and execution across all 3 of our platforms: iOS, Android, and web. I took part in product discussions, road mapping, user research interviews, and a ton of other stuff. I worked with some of the most intelligent, passionate people there are.  

Outside of work-work, I've developed a passion for lettering over the past couple of years. Mostly brush lettering and sometimes copperplate. Over the last year I've really gotten into Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. There was a group of us at Yik Yak that played every day after lunch and I got hooked.

Besides all of the work stuff, I am a proud husband and father. In fact, if I haven't posted a picture of my kids to Facebook or Instagram in the last 2 hours, something is terribly wrong and you should contact the authorities =o)