Instagram’s Search / Discover feature has been an awesome addition to an already stellar product. But I’m curious, what would it look and feel like if there was a heavier focus on locations?

To reduce the amount of friction caused by adding this new feature, I would maintain most all of the established design, layout and interaction patterns that users are accustomed to in the existing Instagram product. I would start by adding a tab to the Search / Discover page allowing users to follow the same paradigm but with a focus on locations.

The Locations Search / Discover initial screen would look very similar to the Posts Search / Discover screen. It would have a slideshow of curated content below the tabs, a grouping of trending locations, and at the bottom, an interactive map.


At the bottom of the Locations Search / Discover screen is a map that a user can interact with.

On a single tap, the map slides up to take up all of the available screen. Dots on the map represent locations with a cluster of posts. Tapping on one of the dots allows the user to get a quick peek at the posts in that location displaying 8 at a time.

Sliding up on the quick peek, or clicking on the 'More' link will reveal the full list of results for that location



When viewing the results of a location search, you will be able to see people you follow that might have posts in that location. 

Furthermore, a user will have the ability to limit the posts they view in a given location by a date range. Users will also have the ability to look at several locations and dates in the same result set.

By tapping the location above the results a user is presented with the current date and time. From this screen a user can edit their current selections or add another date and location to their results.



User Flow

  1. The user opens Instagram and begins on the home tab
  2. She navigates to the Search / Discover tab
  3. She taps on the location tab beneath the search bar 
  4. She taps on the slideshow of curated locations to see photos from last night in London
  5. She goes back to the locations screen and takes a peak at the trending locations
  6. She returns to the location screen and decides to search for a location
  7. On second thought she decides to browse the map and see what's around her
  8. She browses the map and taps on one of the red dots for a post cluster. She’s able to get a quick peak at what’s going at that location today.
  9. She drills into the location and is met by the top posts, then all of the posts for that location today. She’s also able to see posts in this location and time from people that she follows.
  10. She decides she wants to change the location, then the date.
  11. She then decides she not only wants to see posts from Atlanta today, but also from San Francisco, today. So she adds that location and time.
  12. She sees posts from both San Francisco and Atlanta in her results page and still has the ability to see the posts of only people she follows


This feature exploration is purely for fun and not associated with Instagram in any way.
If you'd like to see how it was built, you can check out my Sketch source file here.